Educate Girl Child


Education is a fundamental right of every child but due to many reasons a large number of children the world over are deprived of this basic necessity.

In India also a large number of children despite all the efforts by Government agencies and NGOs are not having means, opportunities, freedom and awareness to educate themselves, a major proportion of them being girl child.

When a girl or a woman is not educated, it is not only she who suffers but the entire family has to bear the consequences of her illiteracy. It has been found out that illiterate women face more hardships in life than literate ones. They have high levels of fertility as well as mortality; they suffer from malnutrition and all other related health problems. In one of the surveys, it has been found that infant mortality is inversely related to mother’s educational level. In such a scenario not only women but their kids also go through the same conditions. She, who does not know the importance of education in life, does not emphasize the same for her kids. This hampers the family as well as the nation’s progress as a whole.

Considering the multifaceted role of a woman and the ill effects of her illiteracy, the need for educating girl child is of paramount importance.

G2S fully recognizes this need and is contributing to its best by conducting free subject and awareness classes for girls and women in the slums of the nearby vicinity. A large number of G2S volunteers have already ignited the light of education in the lives of many girl child who were earlier deprived of this due to one or the other reason.

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