A caring and lovely family is what make us what we are today. Most of us still have the first memories of our mom’s warm hands, our grandparents telling us stories and tales before going to bed, dad’s jokes and family holidays. Those memories follow us during our lifetime and are invaluable to us. According to psychologists, a person’s temper is developed during the first 5 to 7 years of his/her life and whole of his/her further life depends on that. But there are millions in this world who are deprived of this fortune due to one or the other reason. Either their parents die or they are left alone by their parents/relatives and they have to face this world alone without any love, care and support.

Nearly 144 million children across the world are orphans. About 20 million children, about 4% of their population in India and higher than people living in Delhi, are orphan. Of them, parents of only 0.3% children have died and rest have been abandoned.

Basic problems faced by orphans are:

Orphans do not have the means to properly feed themselves. Every 2 seconds, another orphan dies from malnutrition

These children usually live homeless in the streets. They live under the bridges, flyovers, metro corridors and on railway platforms etc. There are some orphanages but not enough to accommodate all.

In most cases, education is not on their priority list as orphans must meet not only their own needs but often those of younger siblings in their care.

Health Care
Their living conditions and daily activities are highly dangerous to their health, with the risk of street fights, drugs, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, malnutrition, and poor working conditions.

Child Labor
In order to meet their basic daily requirements, orphans are compelled to work from a very tender age. All too often, they are exploited through all kinds of degrading and dangerous work. The International Labour Organization reports that more orphans work in commercial agriculture, as street vendors and housekeepers, and in the sex industry, than other children.

G2S seriously feels for these children and is trying its best to bring joy and satisfaction in their lives .