Street Children also have a Right to Study


Don’t you see everyday children begging on red lights or searching for bottles and plastic material in bins? Does it not shake your inner soul ?

The only difference between them and us is the family back ground. We are born in well to do families but they were not so lucky. We study in good schools but they can not afford to pay for the studies. Although there are subsidized government schools but many of them do not have awareness or a legitimate identity to take advantage of government policies . This lack of schooling opportunities trigger a never ending era of struggle and desperation for them.

A small portion of the money (& time) that we spend on our daily pleasures and comforts may sponsor study of many of them and bring about miraculous changes in their lives.

A caring smile and a supportive hand may ease their pains and sufferings.

We are up for that. You should also.

Help your fellow teenagers by contributing your money and time for their educational and occupational enhancement.

G2S has been conducting free classes and awareness activities to make them live a life they also deserve.

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