The sole objective of G2S movement is to bring happiness to the life of those who are less fortunate than us.

It is not that only we see the condition of poor & miserable and want to bring about a change. It all depends on how people perceive the things happening around them.

There are some who ignore these things whereas some want to do something regarding this problem but do not have the time, means, opportunities or the necessary awareness.

There are also those who are constantly working to bring some good to these people.

We all travel by car and see some children dancing on roads, selling various goods, sleeping on the footpath, working on construction sites and begging at the crossings etc.

Shouldn’t we feel sad about these children!

On one hand, we enjoy the cool air of the A.C. in our car and on the other hand there are poor children working in extreme hot climate to earn some money to fill their stomach.

People say that the country is full of criminals but G2S strongly believes that these criminals are born because of our indifferent attitudes towards their pathetic situation. The poor children who never get help are indulged in doing crimes which make them seasonal criminals as they grow.

The G2S solemnly swears to work towards the betterment of these less fortunate children so as help them to live a better life.

To achieve these objectives, the activities of G2S include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Establishing a Pan Indian Network of Volunteers and Mentors for accomplishing the objectives of G2S.
    • Collaborating with other Non Profit agencies working in the field of Eye and Organ Donations.
    • Establishing an online Expert Panel where the queries / Problems of everyone in general and teenagers in particular will be answered by Experts from the field of Psychology, Career Development and Life Skills etc.
    • Establishing an online Discussion Forum to discuss various Teen Problems and aspirations.
    • Conducting Eye Donation Camps and encouraging people to pledge for Eye Donation.
    • Conducting camps for spreading awareness about Need for Organ Donation.
    • To conduct online quizzes to test the awareness/ concerns on various issues among the teenagers.
    • Conducting Free Health Check Up camps in slums and lower income group colonies.
    • Conducting free classes on Computers, Science and English for economically weaker students.
    • Distributing Books and Uniforms at the beginning of new school session to Economically Weaker Students.
    • Helping Orphans and street children in combating their problems.
    • Spreading the message of Social Caring and Sharing by Selling Merchandise with printed messages and captions.
    • Organizing campaigns for hygiene and cleanliness.
    • Providing an online support platform for all the above.