“India is a country of great contrasts. Extreme wealth exists alongside desperate poverty. Great intellects introduce world changing ideas alongside millions who ignorant and uneducated. A country with immense beauty has ignoble slums. And in a world that seems too often selfish and self-centered, there are those who are compelled to be selfless and other-directed.

Gather2Share is a project directed by two young men who have a vision to serve those in need. Saksham and Samarth are not waiting for others to do later, they are doing it now. Over the past decade I have had the privilege to serve in many ways, including a seat on the board of an orphanage in Coimbatore and the India Career Development Association in Delhi.

I have seen first hand the needs of others and have been blessed by the opportunity to be engaged in service. I am awed and humbled by the commitment of Saksham and Samarth and am honored to join them as they seek to better the lives of others. I want to share because I care. Don’t you?”

I am very glad to see young boys taking the initiative to meet social concerns of the day. Connecting persons is a real issue of modern times. Interpersonal connectivity creates a community of people who care for each other and helps a person to lift himself/herself from selfish concerns. This enriches life of every body who is touched by these measures

I wish young boys all the success.

“Congratulations Gather2share. An initiative which can only be applauded. You are an inspiration to all generations and people”.

ACPi-Aus commends you and recognizes Gather2 share as a “Centre of Excellence.”

The attempt by G2S is really heart touching and commendable. In times when the society is morally degrading, these youngsters are setting an example by rendering selfless services. I would be delighted if I could be of some help to G2S. My best wishes are always with you.

“It is commendable to see Saksham & Samarth spreading awareness about these issues, which are not getting enough attention these days.

It is very important for the teenagers to develop a social outlook so that they can help shape a humane society. I encourage other teenagers to join them in this initiative. Keep up the good work guys! “

“The young students of school, Saksham and Samarth have embarked on social work for the poor and downtrodden section of the society at their young age.

Our political parties talk much about them at the time of elections and make big promises for their upliftment, but in the process of time the priorities change and promises made are lost and forgotten.

These two young students have felt the miseries and sufferings of this section of society and taken a lead to help them in all possible ways. They are doing wonderful job by creating awareness in the society by giving their talks in their friends circles and social meetings.

I appreciate their efforts in motivating people for donating their eyes and other organs of the body to the needy person.

I appreciate their enthusiasm, energy and commitment and wish they get political support in promoting their project.”

Saksham and Samarth Aggarwal of G2S came to my clinic for my help in spreading eye donation awareness among my patients and also to help them in arranging Free Eye check up camps for the poor and needy. Their enthusiasm and the dedication towards the cause inspired me to help them in all possible manners. Some camps have already being conducted by Bajaj Eye Care Center on behest of G2S and many more will be organized in future in different parts of Delhi.

If every youth of this country spares some time like these two young boys to work towards the betterment of those who are needy then the sufferings of the PEAKY AND AILING can be reduced a bit and their lives can be better. My best wishes are always with these two young Social Entrepreneurs.

The two young men of Delhi… Saksham (Capable) and Samarth (again capable!!!) have chose the path which at this age normally youngsters don’t opt for. This issue is a burning issue of India and is very less paid attention to.

I am proud and I am ready to back these young persons for such a good cause. It’s the need of an hour at the moment to gather2 share. All my best wishes to the youngsters.

As the names of these two young, growing up lads connote their capabilities, they (Saksham and Samarth) have lived up to their names’ worth, indeed, are on the threshold of their high aim of nobility and selfless dedication towards the world at large, by espousing the cause of Donation.

To begin with, Eye donation and Organ donation campaign, I am sure, the duo will traverse a long way and accomplish much more successes, in their noble cause, in times to come. I really appreciate their motive, efforts and dedication.

I wish them God speed and success in their endeavours for a social cause, trendsetting for not only the youngsters, their contemporaries but also their elders as well, to ponder for a while and join the noble cause. All the Best Team G2S!

It is highly commendable for Samarth and Saksham to be engaging themselves in socio-developmental activities which have far reaching consequences. At such a tender age, while still in school, to be mindful of the plight of the ‘not so fortunate’ speaks volumes of their mental makeup.

Malala of Pakistan is known to have exhibited rare qualities of head and heart, while still in school. Wishing Samarth and Saksham the very best in life ahead. My love and blessings.

Indian society is known for its virtues of care, compassion and human dignity. Charity has always been part and parcel of Indian ethos. It is these values which made India the crucible for the evolution of multi-racial and multi-linguistic society. Today, we proudly call ourselves the largest democracy in the world. The values of a sovereign, socialist and democratic republic with equal rights/ opportunities for all its citizens to grow and prosperous are enshrined in our constitution.

In reality, some are born fortunate and others are born as the lesser children of God- born in poor families. There is a need for every self sufficient citizen of India to see that no child below eighteen is made to work, denied education or essential medical support for want of resources. We cannot leave this to the government alone.

It is admirable to see young Saksham and Samarth to try and reach out to lesser children of God in India and help out millions who live below the poverty line. G2S is an admirable effort to reach out to their needy friends in the country. I stand by them and wish them all the support. God bless and God speed!

Hello Saksham and Samarth,

“It is heartening to see that both of you have thought of these significant issues at a young age. I think it is an appropriate age when the youngsters can channelize their energy to serve those who do not have resources to fulfill their needs, which in turn leads to their exploitation at various levels.

It is a moral duty of all of us to contribute to the society in whichever ways we can. I wish you and your team, all the best in your future endeavors to spread awareness and encourage other youngsters in joining this noble mission of helping others.”


I am most happy to innovative positive plan of action through G2S, gather to share project of Saksham and Samarth Aggarwal. A laudable effort to support unfulfilled provisions under articles 39 (f) and 4 of our Constitution. I am proud of their imagination.

I am available to them to share their ideas and help them in fulfilling their dreams to educate girl children from the marginalized.

Good Luck to them!

In today’s world there are disturbances & concerns in almost all countries and our lives, be it political, social or economic. Too many things and people in our lives are taken for granted. We, most of the times tend to overlook the underlying importance of certain things and certain people in our lives who have contributed in shaping us into the person we are.

Then, in the same world are these two individuals Saksham & Samarth who are making their best efforts to contribute not only towards their social responsibilities but also to the society they live in.

It is really heartfelt and appreciable to see the kind of work done by them to help the needy and spread awareness on how each one of us can contribute in our own limited resources, still being very significant.

I feel honored to be part of this cause and congratulate the two young dynamic leaders of today’s generation who have dared to make their own way by sharing & caring for the people. I will more than happy to be part of any campaign they may take for the betterment of the less fortunate ones.

Saksham & Samarth, you both are indeed a good inspiration to all….wish you all the best and keep up the excellent work.